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     Hello, I am Veronica Rodriguez, the creative director of PunkFish Productions.  Let me tell you a little about myself.

     I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, and I believe that my experiences growing up along the border introduced me early on to an understanding that not everyone's conception of the world is the same. It brought into focus that people can view the same event and come away with completely different experiences and conclusions.  That combined with my father's love of physics led me to a fascination with the idea of "reality", as we experience it through our limited and linear senses.  It also led me to an understanding of our interconnectedness, not just to each other, but to all the things around us that we see as inanimate and separate from ourselves.                 

     Through my work, I like to explore the underlying energy of everything, the same energy that holds the universe together and connects us. I also enjoy challenging the idea of our shared reality by creating alternate digital scenarios, with a focus on inanimate objects. 

     My daily goal is to create something that challenges our preconceptions and reminds us of the beauty and whimsy that awaits us in unexpected places.  It is my firm belief that through a better understanding of our connection to everything around us we can come together to make this world a place where everyone can thrive, leaving no one behind.  

     As to my background, I am an attorney by trade and spent twenty years as a legal aid attorney and now work with unaccompanied children, mostly from northern triangle countries.  Concerning my artistic endeavors, I am mostly self-taught and started by making a digital short in 2005, with a home video camera I borrowed from my sister and a lot of help from my friends.  Since that time I have written, produced, and directed several digital shorts.             

     My main focus at the moment is on creating what I call "visual haikus."  My visual haikus are a snapshot of a moment in time that pairs photography, video, and sound.  However, I also work in traditional media such as printmaking and oils and continue to create longer original digital shorts.         


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