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So what have you been doing?

Is the question I get asked most since I quit my day job, and I sheepishly reply that I don't know where my time goes or what I do with it. But that's not true. So far I have created at least one very short visual haiku a day, every day starting on March 10, 2018. That's 227 very short films so far. I made a longer short film (is that an oxymoron), which I have submitted to a few festivals and am working on anther longer halloween themed short. I have also taken a monotype print workshop and am now taking a printmaking class that has so far covered etchings and relief printmaking. Did I mention I got a puppy? He is five months old and he mostly gets along with the two remaining chickens who survived the brutal summer. I used some of my savings to create a new workspace in one of my spare rooms and I am now in the process of trying to organize over 11,000 photos and over 4,000 video clips. That's not even counting what is on my old MacBook, and I need to get to those before it stops working altogether and they are lost. I have cleaned out my closets and had garage sales and taken stuff to sell at consignment and dropped what remained off at the Salvation Army. So yeah, I have been up to a few things and they have cost me some trouble,

Idle hands are the devils playground

but I still can't get myself to call it work. So I just say that I really don't know where my time goes, because some days it is true. Not every day is productive beyond even a few hours, but then there is no production timeline for art is there?

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